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6 Convenient Things About Self Storage


Feb 14, 2023

6 Convenient Things About Self Storage

In this fast and furious lifestyle today, convenience is the key thing everyone is looking for. We want to do everything with the touch of a button. We want to be able to do everything on the go. We want everything to be fast and easily accessed. This is the same for self storage. We want self storage to be easily accessible around the clock and located in a convenient place.


Self storage units are often located in easily accessible places that are near to the MRT station or bus stops. You do not have to go specially out of the way just to access your items and you can save both time and fuel cost.


Self storage facilities offers comprehensive security around the premises and your belongings are guaranteed by the company. There are state of the art security cameras and security alarms with regular patrols by security guards round the clock.

Access your belongings anytime

With self storage, you can access your belongings practically anytime you desire without the need to adhere to normal office hours. You can access your items early in the morning or late at night. This is the convenient thing about self storage.

Pay for what you need

When you use self storage, you only pay for what you need. Different storage sizes have different prices and if you are using normal warehouse storage, you will have to pay for the entire warehouse regardless of how much space you actually use. However when you utilise self storage, you determine what you need and you simply pay for that. It’s that simple.

Long or short term rental

You can choose whether to rent long term or short term when you use self storage. There is not really any minimum or maximum period that you can rent it. Be it for a one week storage or for a year, self storage is able to meet all your needs.

Store anything

You can store practically anything with self storage. If you are using normal storage, you may need to store different items at different locations depending on the storage requirements of your item. For example, you need to store your limited edition art pieces in containers with temperature and moisture control to prevent any damages. Self storage facilities offer different containers with different configurations and you can store all of your items at one place, diminishing the need for different storage locations.

The pros of self storage outweighs any possible cons and it makes your storage much more easier. You can save not only time but also money. You also have the flexibility to access your items anytime you want.

By Lucille