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Alternative Uses For Self-Storage Units


Jan 16, 2024

Alternative Uses For Self-Storage Units

Sometimes in life people find themselves almost buried in their own belongings and then find that it is prudent to rent a self-storage unit in order to keep their excess stuff safe and to free up some space at the home front. However, there are actually other uses that a self-storage space can be utilized for.

Self-storage units can offer a cheap an effective way to pull off a multitude of actions provided you are allowed to do so in accordance with the self-storage unit facility. Here are some alternative uses for a self-storage unit besides just storing your stuff:

• Store Inventory for Your Home Based Business: If you have a home based business in which you buy and sell things for a living then you know how difficult it can be at times to find space for your entire inventory. This will usually create a cluttered home and a frustrated spouse. The perfect remedy is to rent a self-storage locker and store your business’ entire inventory in it. Many self-storage units will even allow you to install shelving in the unit itself so you can organize and put away your inventory as you see fit. Then when you have a handful of sales you can go to your storage unit and retrieve the items needed for packing at home or if you have enough space within the unit you can set up a packing station there and prepare the packages right where the inventory is.

• Affordable Work Space: If your unit offers electricity then it can be utilized as a perfect work place that will be both effective and affordable. While storage units that have electricity are generally more expensive than those that do not, they will still be a lot cheaper than renting office space somewhere. Inside of your unit you can set up a desk, a chair, some file cabinets, and by adding a lap-top with mobile broadband you are in business. This gives you the space you need without having to claim the spare room or the living room of your home and will still be cost effective as well.

• Band Practice: So many times with ‘garage bands,’ the problem is that nobody’s garage in the band is available for band practice. A storage unit is the perfect solution. You will need to be sure that it is alright with the facility itself and be sure that you are staying within the sound ordinances of your area, but a nice storage room will not only allow you and your band mates to jam away, but you will also leave you a place to store all of your band’s equipment afterwards.

Once again, to pull any of these ideas off you must first check with the management of the facility to be sure that it is alright. However, if the first pace won’t let you, try another. There are many self-storage facilities that will not mind if you use your storage unit for something other than storing your stuff. Just be courteous and stay within the rules and you should be all set to utilize your self-storage unit to your advantage.

By Lucille