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Being Creative in Business with Custom Shirts


Dec 22, 2016

There are a number of ways your business can benefit from the use of embroidered shirts. They can be designed so that they are as unique as your business, while still looking stylish enough that everyone will be proud to wear them. The ways these shirts can be used to achieve positive results are limited only by your own imagination.


If you think about it, having your company logo or other message on a shirt that looks good enough for people to wear when they go out in public is one of the best uses for your advertising dollar that you can get. The people who will be wearing the shirts have different interests and frequent different places. As a result, your message will reach people of a variety of demographics. Many other types of advertising target only people of certain groups.


Embroidered shirts make an excellent tool to promote teamwork. When you attend a sporting event, there is no doubt as to which team the athletes are on because of the way they are dressed. Likewise, shirts can be used to give the people a sense of belonging and the assurance that they are all on the same team. This is especially true in cases where the team members will be mingling with other people, as is in the case of a community event. If your company is represented at local or regional fundraising activities for charitable causes, there is no doubt as to which team your people are on when they are wearing shirts that are alike. This sense of teamwork will then carry over into the workplace and benefit the operation.

If you have teams within the workplace, and those team members should be recognizable to others, having them wear special shirts is an easy way to accomplish it. This can be valuable for those times when it is important to be able to recognize a team member quickly. For example, you could have your medical first responders all wear a certain type of shirt so that, in the event of an injury, help can be brought to the injured person without time being wasted trying to find a trained responder.

Awards and Recognition

Shirts that are specially-designed can be used to show appreciation and to recognize employees for significant achievements. If for example, your company hit a milestone that it had been striving for, shirts could be given as an appreciation gift. They could be used for things like safety accomplishments, quality improvements, production records and many other reasons.

In summary, there is no limit to the way you can use shirts in a positive manner. You could even stimulate some employee involvement by seeking input from the people about ways in which shirts could be used on behalf of the business.

By Lucille