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Creative Ways to Extend Your Home’s Footprint


Apr 29, 2024

Living spaces are increasingly becoming more compact in modern urban environments, leaving many of us craving additional room. Whether you want a home office, extra space for a growing family, or simply a more comfortable living environment, expanding your home can offer a practical solution that meets your growing needs.

Innovative Solutions with Office Space

Office pods present a versatile and efficient option for people who need to add a functional workspace without extensive renovation work. These standalone units can be installed quickly and are designed to fit limited spaces, making them ideal for people who need a quick fix with minimal disruption to their daily lives. These pods are perfect for people who need a separate work area that doesn’t compromise the existing space in the home.

Expanding Outward

The most common method of creating more space is by extending your home into the backyard. This type of renovation can be more cost-effective than building upwards and gives you more design options. Whether adding a sunroom, extending your kitchen, or creating a new bedroom, extending outward uses your unused outdoor space to enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. It might not be a viable option if your yard space is limited, however, for larger lots, it can be the perfect way to enhance your living space and add value to your home.

Building Upward

Adding a second story to your home is another popular option for creating more usable space. Although this can be costly and time-consuming, it offers the potential to double your living space and add substantial value to your property. This type of home renovation requires careful planning and a significant investment to get the design right but it has the potential to dramatically increase your home’s living area. Living through major construction, however, can be a problem. Still, the long-term benefits, including improved views and more living spaces, are often worth the effort.

Garage Conversions or Granny Flats

Turning a garage into a living space is another innovative way to expand your home, particularly if you also have room to build a carport. Then there are granny flats because, in places like Victoria, you don’t need council permission to build a granny flat (as long as it’s smaller than 60 square meters and your lot is over 300 square meters), making them an excellent option for additional living space. Both are great ways to create semi-independent living spaces for teenagers and elderly relatives or, in the case of granny flats, as a potential rental unit.

Embracing Flexible Living

There are plenty of good options for increasing your living space.

  • The quick setup of a pod provides an immediate solution for remote work challenges.
  • Building outward makes better use of unused space in your yard.
  • Adding a second floor maximises your living space without increasing the footprint.
  • Converting garages or building granny flats utilises areas that often go underused.

Adding more living space to your home improves your quality of life and significantly increases the value of your property. While selling and moving to a bigger property is always an option, it’s sometimes not the best option.

By Lucille