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Helpful Self Storage Websites


Feb 21, 2021

Helpful Self Storage Websites

When you are seeking out information on self storage facilities or even portable self storage companies a great place to begin your search is online. There are many high quality self storage companies both traditional and portable that have wonderful websites that are chalk full of great information.

The problem may lie in knowing which ones to look at. While each self storage website may offer something that is unique to its own services there are four in particular that offer a wealth of information not only on their services, but on the entire business of self storage as a whole. These four helpful websites are:

1. : The website for Portable On Demand Storage or PODS is filled with insightful information. Unlike many other self storage websites, will actually give you an estimate quote right online. They also have a section where they estimate the size of the container you will need to effectively store your things and have a toll free 800 number if you need additional help. The website also has a location map which is an interactive and easy way to find the PODS nearest to your location.

2. : offers information for those looking for a self storage unit and also contains information for those who own self storage facilities. Using their interactive map on the home page you can quickly and easily find all the various self storage facilities that are in your area. If you are interested in buying or selling a self storage facility then can help you out in that department as well.

3. : Public Storage is one of the most well known self storage franchises in the United States and their knowledge is well reflected in their website. The site contains a facility locator that is like the others in that it is interactive and easy to use. They feature a toll free customer service hotline so that you can have any of your questions answered before, during, and after you use their service. Additionally, the website will work interactively with your mobile device, such as your iPhone, and allow you to reserve a storage unit and even pay your bill all by pressing a few buttons.

4. : 1-800-PACK-RAT is one of the fastest growing portable storage companies in the industry and their website is also full of useful information. They too have a section where they help you to determine what size container you will need and they also feature an 800 number that can be used to ask any questions you may have. They even have interactive videos that offer tips and insights to the whole portable storage business.

There are many other self storage websites for both traditional and portable companies that you will find if you conduct a Google or other search engine search. While you could spend all day seeking the information you are after, you can skip all the leg work and use any of these four and be sure to find all the information, and then some, that you seek.

By Lucille