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How to Choose a Salon Chair and Other Furnishings for Your Beauty Establishment


Sep 22, 2016

Some people choose a salon chair for their everyday hair care needs whilst others are interested in the furnishing for their business. Regardless of your specific reason, a salon chair should be added to a setting to enhance the décor and provide seating that is practical and comfortable. The chair you choose should complement a salon’s design or a room’s décor. Never choose chairs that look out of place.

Therefore, the first thing you want to think about is colour. The colour you select should be pleasing to the eye and one that will underscore the total ambience of your decor. In other words, you don’t want to mix and match too many furniture styles or designs. If you are buying a chair for your beauty salon, you want to keep your customers’ welfare and comfort in mind.

Some of the Amenities

The chair should provide comfortable seating in the form of a cushioned and upholstered design. Ideal salon chairs feature an adjustable backrest and footrest as well. You may also consider chairs that swivel a full 360 degrees and that offer an adjustable seat height. Select salon chairs with rubber caster wheels for an easier glide over hard-surface flooring.

If you tend to be frugal when selecting beauty salon equipment and furnishings, then price will, no doubt, be a key factor. Therefore, the chairs you choose should provide high quality at an affordable price. Also keep an eye out for such amenities as customer warranties and return policies. Some makers of salon chairs provide a one-year warranty with a 30-day full money back guarantee. Others supply free shipping.

Consider a Company’s Equipment and Furnishing Lines

Because shopping online is so popular, make sure the site where you buy your salon chair is familiar with the needs of salon owners. The company should also buy their items direct from the manufacturers. By doing so, they can provide customers with cheaper prices without having to compromise on quality. The company should offer an all-inclusive listing of equipment and furnishings including workstations, stools, trolleys, beauty beds, reception desks, work stations, and manicure/pedicure tools and furnishings.

Shampoo Units

Besides salon chairs, you also want to look at the shampoo units that a company sells. Some of the better units feature an electric massage backrest that comes with a removable seat cushion. The ceramic basins of the furnishings normally have a tilting adjustment. Shampoo units also feature such amenities as a flexible drain pipe and drain. Usually, the higher-end units come with a 10-year structural warranty.

Beauty Beds

Beauty beds are also important additions to salons and spas. You want the bed to be cushioned and comfortable so your client will want to come back to your salon regularly for facials and similar services. Not only should the bed be adjustable, it should possess a durable base. Head height on the couch or bed should be easily adapted to accommodate various body types and sizes.

Again, thinking of your client’s welfare as well as the décor of your salon will help you make an easier decision about the products or furnishings you wish to include.


By Lucille