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How to Keep Your Self Storage Units Rented


Aug 15, 2022

How to Keep Your Self Storage Units Rented

There are many ways to keep your self storage units rented. The most obvious one is making the pricing attractive to the potential renters. With this said, while we want to make sure that the renter is happy with the price, we also need to be happy with the income from the units. Do some market research in your area and see what the competition is charging.

Attractive pricing comes in many different ways. One way to make the self storage units financially attractive to potential renters is have lower rents that beat the competition in your geographic area. Better pricing from a renter’s perspective also can come from various concessions. Whether it’s a half month free rent, one month free rent or more, these are the types of discounts that can also attract renters. By advertising this boldly on banners outside of your facility will attract renters. Also, consider offering a concession yearly, if needed, to keep the existing tenants. Many owners neglect to consider this. Getting the renter in is one thing, keeping them is another.

Having a safe and clean facility is also important to renters. How many times have you driven past units that just didn’t look clean or safe and thought that there is no way that you would store anything there? Common sense tells us to keep a clean and safe appearance and you will not discourage individuals from renting, especially if the competition is not taking care of their property.

Depending on the geographic area where you are located, climate-controlled self storage units may also be important. While some things that are stored are not affected by the weather, others are directly affected by the hot and the cold temperatures. Being able to offer both types of units will help both increase and maintain occupancy.

By Lucille