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Information on Carlsbad Desalination Plant


Nov 17, 2016

Carlsbad desalination plant, the world’s largest desalination plant, provides reverse osmosis water for the people of San Diego County in California. It is continually upgrading its plant and expanding it to increasing the volume of water being produced. The purpose of Carlsbad desalination plant is to assist in the conservation of drinking water especially organizations and companies that use a lot of water.


The desalinated water can be used by farmers to carry out irrigation on the crops. It can also be used in factories to carry out the manufacturing process of their products. Carlsbad desalination plant has recently expanded its facility to add a new pipe with a length of 18 miles. It has also build a new reservoir that has the capability to storing up to 1.5 million gallons of water.

San Diego has double the amount of recycled water because of the investment in Carlsbad project. Carlsbad project has helped to reduce the activities of pumping water from Colorado River which is now restricted in water supply because of a long dry season. Water recycled from Carlsbad plant will be distributed via the pipes that are joined to the drinking water systems. Pipes that belong to Carlsbad desalination plant is purple in color.

Reverse osmosis is able to eliminate dangerous chemical found in water such as lead. Too much lead in the water can cause the person to suffer from health problems like nerve damage or anemia. Reverse osmosis water can be safely consumed by patients who are in the post cancer treatment stage. Cancer patients don’t have strong immune system because of exposure to the chemotherapy.

Reverse osmosis water is treated which means that it is germs and parasite free. Parasites like cryptosporidium will be filtered away during the reverse osmosis process. Cryptosporidium can cause stomach ache when it enters into your body. Reverse osmosis can effectively remove a high level of salt via a permeable membrane that contains holes small enough to separate the sodium molecules.

Reverse osmosis is ideal for people with a health condition that does not allow them to consume food with a high level of sodium content. Reverse osmosis water is suitable for people who don’t like the taste of chlorine in their water. This is because about 98{5cffcc76d5d6c180bbf16c2d50b7b485ee121f826302344f4762db5f0bda7133} of chemicals are removed from the water so it does not taste like chlorine when you drink it.

All kinds of dangerous chemicals are removed in the RO process such as chlorine and mercury. Reverse osmosis can refresh you during the hot weather. It taste good and you will want to keep have some more of the water to quench your thirst. Reverse osmosis water is the best water to drink if you feel dehydrated.

Reverse osmosis water is suitable for children as it is free from toxic and chemical substances. Children need to drink sufficient amount of purified water every day so that their body immune system can be strong. Those who purchase reverse osmosis water for watering their crops won’t have to be afraid in case of a water shortage due to the dry season.

By Lucille