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More About Winter Motorcycle Riding


Sep 21, 2021

More About Winter Motorcycle Riding

When the harsh winter season rolls around again, there are some problems you can encounter when using a motorcycle. Many people actually don’t bother riding their motorcycle in wintertime. Instead, they put it away in storage for up to 6 months. Yet others say that with the proper care, there should be absolutely no problems if using it in cold weather. One should consider what type of winter weather is typical for your area. If snow is often seen, then riding in winter may be a bad, even dangerous idea for you. If you live where it just gets a little cold and there may be more rain than usual, then using your motorcycle is certainly OK in these milder conditions. It really depends on where you live or where you intend to travel.

In the winter, the temperature will quite often drop below freezing and it would be very dangerous for your health to not have the proper riding attire for cold weather. Of course, you should stop to consider whether it is wise to ride the motorcycle at times when there is even a chance of snow or ice on the road. It is certainly much less safe to be on a motorcycle during these hazardous weather conditions, than if you are using a car or other vehicle, which provide you with much more protection.

If you live in a state where the temperature differences between the summer and the winter are significant, you should consider storing your motorcycle instead. This will help protect your health and the health and value of the motorcycle. This is definitely something to consider if your bike is an older model or has some sentimental or significant collectible value. In these cases, a self storage unit might represent the best option to store the motorcycle during winter. The majority of self storage facilities provide special units in order to drive the motorcycle inside and back outside should you need to use it during the winter months. Self storage facilities are usually aware of the special needs of motorcycles and other vehicles and they usually have units that exceed the size of your bike, thus offering you additional space for moving around, as well as for storing other items or accessories.

If you are a member of a motorcycle club, they will often have options available for storing your bike, whether it be a special warehouse or special group rates on storage units. This is a good option in case you need access for any winter repairs. Some of these warehouses are large enough to permit you to ride the motorcycle at slower, safer speeds indoors. This helps to keep the motorcycle running well.

Wintering the motorcycle in a sort of self storage place involves several things that you need to think about. You need to make certain you have something to cover it. This way the painted surfaces will not become scratched or damaged. Regardless of the type of storage that you select for your motorcycle, you need to make sure you trust the chosen facility. Be certain that it has a good reputation for security and that you’ll have access to the unit when you need it.

By Lucille