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Self Storage – A Small Businesse’s Best Friend


Dec 28, 2023

Self Storage – A Small Businesse’s Best Friend

As a small or medium sized business owner or manager, you will often face many challenges and struggles along the way, but one of the biggest can often be the need for more space, with the lack of finance, capital or consistent income to make the jump and expand to bigger premises or extend the offices that you are in often being the biggest wall to climb.

As your business grows, the need for more space can quickly become apparent, because no matter what type of company you operate, if you are expanding you will probably need more equipment, staff, materials and furniture to make this expansion bigger. Even though you might need to expand and think you have the room to squeeze a few more people in or an extra bookcase, you will probably be struggling to fit everything in and therefore will have a very crowded office, factory or premises.

With modern day regulations, you are required to keep documents and information for a certain number of years, so you can quickly end up with many files that you do not need daily or regular access to but still have to keep for legal reasons. You might also have old equipment that you might need in the future so cannot get rid of and you will probably have lots of previous work and products that once again, you don’t want every day but could need later down the line.

Self Storage can be the perfect solution for any small or medium business that needs some extra space but cannot or will not take the risk and buy or rent larger offices or premises. Because you can hire a self storage unit for as many months as you need to, you can almost use self storage as an extension to your office space, which will allow you to expand the business but at the same time not have to fork out thousands of pounds to move to a bigger place.

Self storage is secure against theft, fire and damage so you often end up with a higher level of protection than if you moved everything to your garage or just stored it in a cupboard in the office kitchen!

Self storage facilities are ideal because they are often very affordable and very flexible, which means no long term contracts and the ability to add extra units on to your agreement or move up to a bigger size, allowing your storage solution to grow alongside your business and act as an excellent intermediate or long term solution for your extra space needs.

By Lucille