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Storing Fragile Items In Self Storage


Nov 5, 2022

Storing Fragile Items In Self Storage

Self storage facilities can accommodate as many dry items that you want to keep regardless of the duration you prefer. But it’s in the way you pack and organize things that make the difference in ensuring your items will stay in good condition inside the unit.

People including families who are moving to a new house can benefit greatly from renting a self storage unit. At least when they cannot immediately bring their personal belongings to the new abode, they can always keep them safely in the unit without having to worry about them getting damaged or stolen.

When storing fragile items, however, there are some things you need to keep in mind. These items can be antiques, home decors and accessories, electrical appliances and electronic gadgets. These things have to be packed properly to avoid the buildup of moisture, mildew, dust and dirt while they’re in the self storage unit.

For small and medium items, you can put them in a sturdy box. Using a box is a good option instead of sealed plastic bags. The humidity in the rental unit can cause mildew to build up if you use sealed plastic bags to store your items.

Fragile items and breakables need to be wrapped using paper or bubble wrap. Investing in bubble wrap is ideal because this material really does a good job in protecting your breakables. When wrapping fragile items, wrap them separately to avoid damaging them while inside the box. This applies for dishes, glasses and ornaments made from breakable materials such as glass or ceramics.

If you’re storing mirrors and pictures, make sure to wrap them well using a protective covering. The bubble wrap will do well in protecting your breakable items. Label them as “fragile” as much as possible. When storing mirrors, do stack them on their ends and never store them flat.

If you have lamps, separate the bases from the lampshades. Again, do wrap them properly to ensure they don’t suffer from damages during storage.

For your chairs, stacking them seat by seat is an ideal option to save space. Just cover the leg parts with protective wrapping for added protection.

Wooden furniture need to be sprayed first with a quality furniture spray to protect them during storage. If you need to store small furniture on top of each other, put a dust sheet or any cover in between the items to prevent scratches and damage.

As for electrical appliances such as your computer, stereo components and television sets, pack them in their original boxes if you still have them. If you’ve thrown away the original boxes, find new boxes of the same size as the appliance and fill the gaps with paper or Styrofoam.

When you’re done packing your things in their respective boxes, your final steps should be to seal them with a packing tape and label each side of the box. This will make it easy for you to identify your items inside the self storage unit. It will also easily help you find what you’re looking in case you want to retrieve items later on.

By Lucille