Top 4 Most Common Items Stored in a Self Storage Space

Top 4 Most Common Items Stored in a Self Storage Space

Many reasons contribute to why we engage in self storage services and it is slowly but surely gaining popularity among the mass due to its convenience and affordability. There is a self storage solution for everyone, be it you are downgrading from a bigger house to a smaller one, posting overseas for work, storing goods for your company or even simply just finding a place to keep your precious art pieces. Here are some of the common items stored in a self storage space.

Archive documents

Small scale companies frequently utilise self storage space to archive their documents as government regulations require them to keep records of their past few years dealings. As most small scale companies do not have the luxury of space in the small offices, they turn to self storage companies which are able to offer them ample storage space, flexibility to access their files as well as security and reasonable pricing.


Electronic products such as television, computers, printers, radios and fax machines can be bulky and take up a lot of space in homes and offices. As such, they are often the first that should go if you need to free up space desperately. Most companies do not get rid of their old computers, printers and fax machines when they purchase new ones and will often keep them in a storeroom. Self storage units have the option to be climate and moisture controlled to ensure that the electronic products do not get affected by moisture.


Books to researchers and students are like gold to us. Many of them are unwilling to throw away their books and they are valuable in terms of the knowledge in them. However, they do take up lots of space with the advancement in technology, you can access e-books much more conveniently. Moisture controlled self storage units are able to keep the books in a tip top condition and making sure that moisture do not damage the books while in storage.


Furniture is another time that is commonly stored in self storage. They are bulky and costly and disposing them is often out of the question. If you are downgrading your flat or office and space is an issue, you need self storage to store those bulky furniture sets.

No matter what the reason to use self storage is and what you are planning to store in them, self storage companies are able to offer you a fuss free storage experience. There is a self storage for everybody and you can access your items freely whenever you need to.