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Top 6 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Streamline Your Work


Jun 28, 2019

The needs of consumers are continually changing, keeping companies on their toes to satisfy their needs. Every day a new smartphone is introduced to the market, making it hard for buyers to choose the right phone for their needs. Samsung is a globally recognised brand that supplies high-quality electronic devices. One of their products, Samsung Galaxy S8, has gained popularity for being user-friendly for both personal and business use. From the curved screen to high security and top features, Samsung Galaxy S8 may be the best smartphone ever produced by Samsung. Here are six reasons why the smartphone is ideal for your work.

  1. Infinity Display

The edge-to-edge curved screen with a 5.8-inch panel makes it easy to view work files and videos from your phone. The bezel-free design and high aspect ratio provide a more usable space, thereby creating an infinity display. The Samsung phone, like most smartphones, has AMOLED display which ensures high resolution of 2960×1440. Apart from the sharp quad-HD+ resolution, Galaxy S8 supports high dynamic range (HDR), which ensures that the colours are of high quality. With the infinity display, you can do most of the work on the go without using a laptop.

  1. Security Suite

Samsung Galaxy S8 was designed with a top-notch security suite to protect sensitive information handled by business people. With threats of cybersecurity increasing, it is reasonable to be nervous about your phone being hacked and privacy violation. However, Samsung works hard to provide mobile enterprise security solutions. Galaxy S8 has several security elements from passwords, pin, pattern locks, and facial recognition. The security feature that stands out in S8 is the use of iris scanning to open your device. It also has Knox 2.8 defence which provides additional security for confidential data.

  1. DeX Support

Imagine using your phone as a laptop. Sounds awesome right? You can use your Galaxy S8 phone as a computer by using DeX dock technology. You can link the phone to the monitor and keyboard for increased productivity while taking advantage of the fantastic features of the smartphone. The DeX support makes it easy to transition from your regular computer to the phone when you leave the office. The Galaxy S8 also supports Microsoft applications. Therefore, you can catch up on unfinished tasks from your phone.

  1. Adequate Storage

Samsung Galaxy comes with an internal storage space of 64GB, which is sufficient to store your documents and applications. However, should you need additional storage space, you can purchase a microSD card. The Galaxy S8 has a microSD card slot for storage expansion up to 256 GB. The ability to add storage space is what differentiates it from an Apple phone.

  1. High Processing Power

Samsung Galaxy S8 boasts a powerful Snapdragon 835 processor. With a 4 GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, the Samsung processor provides the ultimate experience to users. You can complete various tasks within a short time due to the high processing speed. The Galaxy S8 also has a 3000-mAh battery which has a long battery life on a charge.

  1. Bixby Intelligence

Bixby is a fantastic feature offered by the phone to help you give commands to the device and complete some tasks using your voice. It acts as a smart assistant, and with time, it takes note of your interest and offers you personalised help. Using voice commands is way faster than using a keyboard. Therefore, you will complete more work within a short time.

Galaxy S8 has other amazing features like Wi-Fi connectivity and an impressive camera. It can handle all your tasks efficiently, including controlling smart home devices. You can sell or buy a Galaxy S8 phone from Sell My Mobile.

By Lucille