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Your Guide to Self Storage


May 15, 2021

Your Guide to Self Storage

Are you thinking about self storage? If so, you might be wondering the best way to store various items, including furniture, appliances, clothing, and books. Read on for some storage tips that will help you store your belongings safely and efficiently.

First, it’s important to pack smart. In the frenzy of preparing for a move, the idea of throwing all of your stuff haphazardly into boxes might seem pretty appealing, but this is only going to make things harder for you later on – remember, you are the one who’s going to be doing the unpacking. To avoid the hassle of packing properly, some people invest in professional packing services, but this really isn’t necessary.

For small items like clothes, books, and even pots and pans, cardboard boxes are your best storage tools. It’s sometimes possible to pick up free boxes from local businesses, but you shouldn’t count on them to provide all of your supplies.

As an alternative, many people prefer to purchase boxes, tape, and other packing supplies directly from a storage facility. This way, you can take a look at the size of your storage unit while picking up your materials – all in a single trip. Some self storage facilities even feature on-site managers and staff members available to answer your questions.

When packing, store items from separate rooms in separate boxes, and be sure to label your boxes on every side so that you’ll be able to discern their contents in any storage configuration. In addition to the room, label each box as either “light” or “heavy” – this will come in handy later. It’s also helpful to keep a list of how many boxes you have for each room so that you don’t lose track of any items. If you are using climate controlled storage, you can also store sensitive items like photographs and videotapes in your unit.

Packing items that don’t fit in boxes is a little more complicated. To save space, disassemble your furniture as much as possible, and wrap each piece using furniture pads to prevent scratches or exposure to dirt. Label with markers and masking tape. If you have any leftover hardware from disassembly, store these in labeled bags.

Only use plastic covers if you are investing in climate controlled storage- otherwise, moisture might collect under the plastic and damage your belongings. You’ll also need climate controlled storage to protect furniture made of precious wood.

Now that you’re done packing, it’s time to store your items, and storing smart is important as well. When arranging boxes and furniture in self storage units, preserve a center aisle so that all of your items are within easy reach. Place the items you use most often in the front of the unit.

As you might have guessed, your “heavy” boxes should go on the floor of the storage unit, while the “light” boxes can be placed on top. For furniture, use towels or blankets to create buffer zones between each item.

Last, it’s important to make sure your storage unit locks when you leave. If you invest in quality storage, this shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you choose a facility with comprehensive video security. Still, you should always check that the latch on your unit has been shut securely.

By Lucille