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Climate Controlled Self Storage Preserves Your Belongings


Sep 3, 2023

Climate Controlled Self Storage Preserves Your Belongings

As you look for potential units to rent to store your personal belongings, you want to be careful you choose the right size space with the best amenities. If you’re in a hurry or transitioning between homes, or just don’t have the time to explore, you may be inclined to rent the first thing you see because it’s close to home, or the company advertises regularly. Some storage facilities may offer great deals on units and perks like free truck rental and locks, but if the condition of the actual unit doesn’t suit your needs those freebies aren’t worth much if your belongings become damaged.

You’re probably thinking, “What’s the difference between storage units? It’s just space to put stuff.” Yes, you may treat a rental unit like a home closet or garage – a dry, empty room where you will keep seasonal clothing and decorations, and things you’re not ready to sell. Bear in mind, though, when you come back from something important you want it to work or be in excellent condition. Having a climate-controlled unit can help ensure that your belongings are always safe.

Let’s think about certain items you are likely to put into storage for an indefinite amount of time:

Computers – Computers become obsolete once you open the box – it’s a funny joke, but you won’t laugh if one day you’re unable to access a hard drive or disc. It’s not uncommon to hang onto outdated drives and discs if you think you need something on them. Climate control can keep your equipment from overheating and breaking down.

Kitchenware – Appliances you seldom use are usually relegated to high cabinets, or storage. You may, however, feel the need to unearth that popcorn popper or food dehydrator, and a climate controlled unit can help keep them safe to use. You don’t want to store them in an environment that breeds bacteria.

Photos and Scrapbooks – Everybody’s taking pictures with their phones now, but our grandparents didn’t have that option. All those thick photo albums of past holidays and new babies are probably taking up space in storage. Make sure the climate is set, because older pictures can yellow and fade over time, along with your memories.

Furniture – Even furniture relies on climate control. Excessive changes in temperature can warp wood, which isn’t good if what you own is antique.

Don’t take the decision of a storage unit rental lightly. Look for space where you can control the temperature and keep your belongings safe.

By Lucille