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The Role of Self Storage in Today’s Society


Aug 26, 2023

The Role of Self Storage in Today’s Society

The residential spaces are getting smaller and more manageable, and the amount of consumer goods are increasing. That is a formula that screams for self-storage, at the top of the homeowners and renters lungs! The trend that has been evolving since the start of the decade shows no signs of letting up and as a matter of fact is increasing with residences becoming smaller and smaller. The carbon footprint is almost size 11’s presently and that is a far cry from the Sasquatch -sized ones of yesteryear. Will this minimalization trend keep going? When will it end? That remains to be seen yet one thing is for certain, the need for adequate self-storage units will increase right along with the decreasement of the living spaces. This is supply and demand at its finest.

Smaller Residences Same Amount of Goods

The United States has seen a diminishment in the size of an average home regardless of what is shown on the television sets and laptops. Do not be fooled by the house-flipping reality programs that always seem to show an enormous 2,500 square foot home in the ‘burbs’ with loads of closet space and a three-car garage. For most of America, this is the lost American Dream and the reality for a greater percentage of middle-class citizens is a 2/1 with a porch. What does all this mean to the self storage unit owner? It means that it is time to get the house in order and start thinking about adding another row of units, fast. The time is now to strike while the iron is hot in this market that keeps adding consumer goods and decreasing the residences in to which those items will be crammed into.

United States and China Fuel the Self Storage Business

The self-storage unit has become the extended closet and garage for an ever-increasing number of renters and homeowners. After the collapse of the housing industry and the overall global market the need for more purchasing of goods to re-fuel that broken factory has lead to an increase in durable good purchasing. This may seem like another case of ‘told you so’ yet it is this way and will continue to be with way as the United States and China dictate it to be. The dichotomy of the need for more space during the down-side of a global recession makes one scratch their proverbial heads. If this is hard to believe just take a minute and look around the room or the office that you are presently occupying, there see what is meant by the shrinking storage phenomena?

Where to Store all That Gifting

Here comes the Calvary and instead of white Arabian Chargers, it is loud orange and blue self-storage units that are coming to the rescue. ‘Strike while the iron is hot’ fits excellently into this formula of less space more stuff! The role of self-storage units is more than a need in today’s societies it is a requirement. For most of the middle-class suburbanites this reality is all too well-known and lived day to day. The fear of Christmas is not just the amount on the plastic and the rates but where to store all that gifting? Now is the time to either spruce the marketing for the existing self-storage unit or look into leasing a building and start shopping for a nice commercial small business loan.

By Lucille