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Crisis – Really?


Oct 1, 2022

Crisis – Really?

The news about the so called crisis just does not stop. Every day we are confronted with it on the news and in the papers. Everyone is talking about it and everyone is scared for their jobs or to lose their house.

Many think that people are being scared by all the commotion. It’s almost like a panic wave throughout the globe. But how much of this actually affects the normal people living in your street? We all understand one would be afraid to lose the job, because companies are very careful with expanding and investments. We also know people cannot get a mortgage for a new house that easily at the moment.

Would it be possible for the normal people to make the economy roll again like it did a year ago? How can we convince everyone that the crisis is not as bad as the media make it look? Some say that we can overcome this by living our lives more or less like we did before this worldwide problem. For some this will be easier than for others, but it’s possible to give the economy a slight boost by continuing to spend money. Any money spent will help. That doesn’t mean we should all start spending money like mad, but perhaps people shouldn’t be too careful. When the cash flow stops the economy stops.

Companies could cut down on expenses for marketing and research for example and focus on continuing to sell their products using different strategies. Play with special offers and lower prices on certain services. Anything to make sure people WILL spend money, because we all know everyone will spend money easier when a product or service is cheaper than it was.

The key is: Don’t stop consuming. Keep the cash rolling and boost the economy. Keep buying presents. Just check out the special offers, so you won’t spend too much.

Together we can help solve the so called crisis.

By Lucille