How to Control and Save Clothing Costs

How to Control and Save Clothing Costs

During the Christmas period or end of year, people just love to shop. What do they shop for? The number one merchandise would be clothing. For a pair of pants, it would cost a $19.99 and fine sweater which costs $32.90 for example. What about shoes and hats and so on? The shopping list for clothing is indeed long. The total cost can be a shock to some. This is made worse by women who love to shop and sometimes buy on impulse.

Buying on impulse involves a serious psychology problem where a person buys a certain thing before thinking of the rational consequences (cost). Clothing companies in fact make a lot of money off customers, especially in peak seasons. Knowing this, it is wise to implement some principles when it comes to buying clothing.

If you see the dry cleaning tag, ditch it

Dry cleaning is a process where no water in involved when washing that certain clothing. Instead, try to stick to clothes that are washable by machine (washing machine) and are made of cotton. You would also want to avoid silk and wool because these 2 materials require dry cleaning. It is a definite must to check the small label behind for each time you buy any clothing.

There is no need for fashion trends

If you do this faithfully, you will go bankrupt in a few years time. Some people are known to spend over $30,000 in a 6-month period of time. For some people, that is a huge amount of money. For others, it might seem paltry. But in absolute value, $30,000 is indeed a lot of money.

You must understand that the fashion industry works this way. They earn their living through this way, promoting the latest fads and new faux pas rules. In a sense, they are creating new market structure each time they say something is cool and the other is not. It is an ever changing landscape, the fashion industry. Chasing after the trend will waste a lot of money.

Instead, you could choose your set of clothing in a themed way. For each theme (categorized by outing types), choose no more than 2 sets of clothing. That would mean no more than 2 pair of different shoes for casual outing and outdoor recreation purposes respectively.

Accessories are dispensable

The little things often make up the biggest share in terms of cost. Jewellery and handbags are prime items for women when it comes to shopping. Know that each type of these accessories could last for many years to come. This reduces the need to have many types per accessory.