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Keep Your Stuff Secure With Safe Self Storage


Apr 1, 2021

Keep Your Stuff Secure With Safe Self Storage

At some point in your life you are probably going to need a storage unit for some reason. You could be moving, or maybe you just need to store a few things to get your house back in order. Either way, getting a high-quality storage unit is paramount to keeping your things intact, and that’s why you need to seek out safe self storage.

There is a difference between self storage and safe self storage. There are a number of features that you will need to be on the lookout for if you are to get a good self storage unit. The first thing of course being the presence of security cameras and security guards, and of course making sure those security guards watch the cameras. The cameras should be recording all day; something you don’t want is a building that doesn’t have a recording of what happens at night. You need to find safe self storage.

When you are signing any contract, ask about the key to the storage unit. You need to make sure you are the only one that has a key, keycard, or combination to the door. There are some companies that keep an extra key, but that is not acceptable. You need to be the one and only person capable of opening that storage unit!

Proper lighting is a must when it comes to your storage unit. Take a look at the area around it and determine whether or not you can see the roads and other units. If you are going to be coming to your storage unit at night, you need to be able to see everything around you. It’s mostly a safety issue, but you also need to be able to find your unit in the dark. In addition to external lighting you will also need to make sure that your storage unit offers decent internal lighting as well. That means your storage unit will actually need to have a lamp mounted in the ceiling or the wall. Once again this is a security issue because even though you have a lock on your unit, people may still be able to sneak in. That’s just not a surprise you want to walk in on when you need to retrieve your couch.

There are some facilities that will have less security than others, and you will need to determine whether or not you want to sacrifice peace of mind for money. This is a decision everyone has to make when they are looking for safe self storage, and if you believe your items will be safe there, then you might just have to give it a try. Talk to others that have used these services as well and see what they think. You would be surprised at the things you can learn from word of mouth that you can’t learn from looking at websites or talking directly to the company. That said, be careful who you go with, and most importantly, be careful with your stuff!

By Lucille