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What Does It Take To Be A Self Storage Manager?


Dec 14, 2020

What Does It Take To Be A Self Storage Manager?

Self storage facilities are becoming popular structures in urban centers today. The number in existence has increased through the years resulting in a rise in demand for managers and workers. Most of these buildings are owned by corporations and usually, they hire not just individual property managers but district managers as well.

Managing a storage facility requires proper educational background and management skills. You will have to oversee hundreds or even thousands of self storage units and make sure that clients get the size appropriate for their needs.

Different types of managers have different roles. In most cases, operators find it beneficial to have two managers than having only one.

The property manager is in charge of handling the daily operations of the facility and these cover billing, security, maintenance and customer service. This person holds a lower rank than the district manager and may work on a part-time basis only depending on the size of the facility. In some cases where the building is quite large, the management can provide an on-site residence for the property manager.

The district manager, on the other hand, holds a supervisory position. He or she takes charge in supervising property managers, employees and performs other tasks as inspecting facilities, determining rates for rental units and dealing with delinquent accounts.

A basic qualification for a property manager is a management background. Knowledge in computer operation and the business of self storage are also important.

For district managers, applicants must have at the minimum three years experience in managing self storage facilities or apartments. Additional qualification would be sufficient experience in supervising workers.

An important role of managers pertains to maintenance of the building. This task should cover not just the interior part but even the exterior of the entire facility.

Inside, self storage units especially the vacant ones need to be kept clean all the time. This is vital in attracting clients who can be very particular about cleanliness. It is the duty of a property manager to ensure that vacant units are regularly cleaned by assigning staff to do the sweeping and mopping of floors and wiping of walls and doors. Another crucial task that managers need to oversee is the regular spraying of pesticides around the storage units to prevent bugs and rodents.

Another part that should not be taken for granted are the roll-up doors. Managers should see to it that the doors for each storage unit are power-washed on a regular basis. The inner parts need to be thoroughly cleaned right after the unit is vacated. Regular lubrication and inspection of the rope should also be ensured.

On the outside, the facility grounds should also be properly maintained to ensure a professional look of the place. Lawns need to be regularly mowed and trimmed and weeds removed notably during the summer season. In winter time, snow should be plowed if possible immediately after every snowfall.

Being a self storage manager takes patience and the ability to communicate well with both staff and customers. With the right educational background and work experience, one can be assured of being in this position and start a rewarding career in the self storage industry.

By Lucille