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Marketing Strategies For Your Self Storage Facility


Sep 17, 2023

Marketing Strategies For Your Self Storage Facility

Self storage facilities can be great income producing investments for those fortunate enough to own them but only if they are properly marketed. You could have the nicest storage facility on the planet but the bottom line is that if nobody knows about it then nobody will utilize its services. This is where a good marketing plan is paramount.

Marketing in the traditional sense includes many outlets such as the Yellow Pages, newspaper, radio, and even television, but there is one source that is often overlooked and always underestimated; online. The Internet has taken over and honestly the world is now a digital one that sees millions upon millions of people going online everyday in order to find what they are after and a good number of those people may in fact be looking of self storage facilities.

Perhaps you don’t think that you need to market online because you have an advertisement in your local Yellow Pages but you couldn’t be more wrong if that is your thinking. Consider the fact that these days two out of three people will ‘Google’ what they are looking for instead of looking in the phone book and you will begin to see why there is something to this online stuff. If you have no online presence then you are missing a big opportunity to cash in on people searching for what you have to offer. So how do you effectively market online?

Implementing a good game plan is of course your best bet and you need to be prepared to either spend the time to be sure that your plan is carried out or work with a professional who can do the job for you. The first and probably most important step for you to execute is to create a website for your storage facility. Think of your website as an expanded advertisement in the Yellow Pages.

With a website you can not only share your contact information but you could have an unlimited amount of resources available for any potential customer to utilize. Your home page will of course contain your location and a phone number to call but you can then make your subsequent pages be whatever you desire. One page could show pictures of your units with dimensions and what the customer can expect to fit in them. Another page could break down prices. Another page could explain your policies. Really the amount of information you can create is limited only by your imagination.

Keep in mind that your website will need to be created using a technique known as search engine optimization -SEO- which will employ elements such as keywords and phrases to attract the attention of the major search engines help and get your website a better placement on the search engine results pages (SERPS). SEO is not as easy as it may sound and you may again want to consult with a professional to make sure that your website is designed properly.

By Lucille