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Packing The Right Way For Your Move


Oct 1, 2023

Packing The Right Way For Your Move

Moving your goods from one place to the other can be a really daunting task. What with so much packing, unpacking, cleaning, selecting, and so many other things involved, the task has a tendency to drain you off all your energy. What can be even more frustrating is the fact that in spite of all your attempts at safeguarding your articles, you find at the end of the day that your goods have suffered the bruises of the moving and shifting process. However, with a little care and planning, and the following moving tips, your stuff can arrive in the new place in mint condition. A little common sense is all that is required while packaging and transporting your stuff.

Packing Cutlery and Other Breakables

Even if you pack a stack of dishes or a china vase safely in a cardboard box, the ride on a bouncy truck from your home to a self storage unit is sure to crack them. No matter how well-padded you keep your stuff, a firm up-and-down jolt on the vehicle is enough to crack the entire stack. On the contrary, breakable stuff packed on the edge of boxes and surrounded by bubble wrap has a better chance of surviving the trip unharmed.

Buying the Right Packing Material

Purchasing the right packaging material pays off in the long run. Sturdy boxes, bubble wrap for delicate glassware, packing tape, and packaging peanuts can be easily purchased at moving companies and vehicle rental companies. These can also be purchased or rented at self storage units that generally keep a well-stocked inventory of all kinds of packaging materials.

Packing your goods in a way that ensures safety becomes easy when you use some novel and extremely easy tips. Crumpled paper, cushions, pillows, blankets or even clothes or rugs can be used as buffers between breakable objects.

It is prudent to plan the packing in time. When packing, take one room at a time. Take out time to label each box properly with a description of its contents. Being as explicit as possible helps you when unpacking, and makes the process easier. Keeping a weight check on the boxes makes carrying and transporting them easier. Providing enough cushioning to fragile items helps keep them safe. Packing tape should not be applied directly to wood surfaces, as it is difficult to take off later and it ends up ruining the surface.

Take great care of your stuff when packing, lest you spoil your precious collection in the packing process.

By Lucille