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Self Storage Facility Or Apartments


Mar 21, 2023

Self Storage Facility Or Apartments

Comparing commercial businesses between apartments to the self storage facilities business there is no question which one is the least hassle. Each has its good points. For the results of comparison self storage facilities comes out on top. You surely don’t want to be cleaning toilets!

Every time a tenant moves out of your self storage facility there will be neither painting nor repairs to be made. As far as finding financing for your self storage facility, going to get a loan will be much quicker and easier than apartments. You can portray so much value to the loan officers. Another point to consider is you will have less people you’ll have to hire to run it. You may not even need any because their now coming out with these unmanned locations! Their bit like a self-serve walk-up ATM machine.

In 1993 there were about 52,500 self storage facilities in the United States. To date they have more than doubled since then. As I continued looking into these self storage facilities I found that you can always add more items to sell to your growing list of tenants. Examples like boxes, locks, packing and shipping supplies, billboard rentals, packing and shipping services.

Come to find out there are also different agencies or self storage organization you can belong to. They sort of police the market. They have a certification you can get and go to seminars things like that. These are to self educate yourself about the business. There are also trade magazines that you can order as well. If you’re looking to get into the self storage facilities business they’re really something worth looking into!

By Lucille