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Who Needs Self Storage Units?


Mar 24, 2023

Who Needs Self Storage Units?

Self storage units are secure, low cost and a great way to make life simpler. There are many reasons why people store items away from their home or business premises.

One reason is for temporary storage between homes. Perhaps you have sold your home but haven’t bought or built a new one yet. If you are staying with friends or in a motel while you wait for your new home, a self storage unit is a great way to keep all your furniture and belongings safe.

Or perhaps you are about to travel. Your luggage allocation only allows for clothing and a few other personal items. So what do you do with all your stuff if you’re travelling overseas for an extended time? Mum and Dad probably don’t want to store it all in their garage, so the best solution is a self storage facility to keep your belongings in long term. You’ll be able to have fun on your big OE, knowing that everything you own is safe and secure.

Self storage units are also the ideal place to store valuable items that you don’t feel comfortable with having in the home. Valuable items, both large and small, will be safe and secure in a monitored and alarmed self storage container. Another reason why people use self storage facilities is to prepare for a house sale. A decluttered home looks bigger and sells faster, so storing your extra furniture and boxes away from the home makes good sense.

Many homes come with garages for the family car. The idea is that the car will be more secure and last longer if it’s stored in a garage. However, some families can’t fit the car in the garage because the garage is full of sports gear, tools, bikes, camping gear, boxes, games, gardening gear, spare furniture and things that just cannot be thrown away. One way to solve that problem is to rent a self storage unit for all the stuff in the garage and put the car back where it’s meant to be.

Business people love self storage units. They’re a great way to keep archived documents and records at a low cost. Commercial space is much more expensive than the rental on a self storage unit, so it makes good business sense to keep documents in the security and controlled environment of a self storage unit. Many units have specially designed facilities for storing documents, including racks for easy storage and retrieval. Shop owners also find self storage containers extremely helpful. They’re a great way to store shipments of new stock that are not quite ready to be put on the shelves.

Finally, when the kids leave the nest, they don’t usually take all their stuff. If you throw it away, you’ll never be forgiven. So the ideal solution is to put the kids’ stuff in a self storage unit until they have space to look after it themselves. Then everyone’s happy!

By Lucille