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Self Storage Units Are Great When Downsizing From The Family Home


Jun 15, 2021

Self Storage Units Are Great When Downsizing From The Family Home

There comes a point in life when the family home is too big for the family that’s living in it. Mum and Dad are still there, enjoying the stability of the same house they brought the kids up in. But the nest has emptied long ago and the baby birds are building their own nests. It eventually dawns on Mum and Dad that they don’t really need something this big any more and, what’s more, they’re not as young as they used to be. The gardens are getting a bit neglected. They don’t need a swimming pool. And the spare bedrooms haven’t been opened in months. Maybe it’s time to downsize and find a little place of their own.

When Mum and Dad reach this point, the first thing they do is break the news to the kids. Some will go all sentimental and others won’t care less. They’ve moved on long ago. But the one sure thing is that those spare bedrooms and hall cupboards, that garage and even the attic are filled with the paraphernalia of a whole family’s growing up years. Memories and treasures that no one wants to throw away. And they certainly won’t fit in that dinky little house round the corner that Mum’s had her eye on for the last few years. So if your parents are serious about downsizing, someone will have to figure out what to do with all those family treasures!

That’s where a self storage unit can come in very handy. It is the perfect way to help overcome a downsizing dilemma. It will also make the job of selling the family home much easier. A decluttered home looks bigger and sells more quickly, so it’s a great idea to store any excess furniture and boxes in a secure storage unit while your home is on display to the public.

Finally, the deal has been done and Mum and Dad are finally ready to move into that little place they’ve always dreamed of. They are definitely going to need somewhere to put all the gear the kids have accumulated over the years. Maybe everyone could chip in and help to cover the cost of the self storage unit to store all the family treasures – both the valuable ones and those that are irreplaceable for sentimental reasons. It’s an easy, efficient and reasonably priced way to keep valuable and irreplaceable items in a secure and dry place that is monitored on site. Your treasures will definitely be safe and sound until you need them again.

Whether the need is temporary or permanent, think about using a self storage unit when Mum and Dad start pressuring you to come and get your stuff before they throw it out in the rubbish!

By Lucille