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Storage Space: Considering The Different Options


Oct 13, 2022

Storage Space: Considering The Different Options

Don’t fret if your put-away space appears to be smaller than you originally thought it was. You might just need to organize your stuff better. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of self storage units.

First, make a list of all the movables. If you have a lot of small items, group and record them into boxes. Jot down the height, width, length and weight of each personal effect. Items in self storage units will be piled up so find out the stacking limits of your items if you can. To make it easier to plan your layout, write each item on a sticky note.

Before you start arranging your pieces of paper, find out the storing limitations of your mini-warehouse. Leave at least three feet off the width to allot walking space for long self storage units. Deduct a foot off from the height for ventilation. Ask the self storage units representative for their policies on the particulars you can store and their weight limitations.

Start by picking out the heaviest items first. These will form the bottom level of the room. For hefty items with low stacking capabilities, like beds for instance, store them upright to maximize on space.

Self storage units should be planned upwards, level by level. The lighter the item, the higher up you can place it. Irregularly shaped items can store small and light boxes in their empty spaces. A chair, for example, can seat a box of figurines to make up for the space occupied by its arms and back.

Be careful when putting appliances or engines inside self storage units. Empty out all oil and gas tanks, including fumes, to prevent against fire. Observe proper fire safety procedures as well, like storing books and paper files in fire-retardant boxes.

Remember to always clean the storage shed before you start unloading your things. Spread a thick coat of disinfectant on your boxes and spray the corners of the room with insect repellant. Keep mothballs near clothes, fabrics, books and paper. Cleaning of self storage units should occur at least once every six months.

Like all rentals, self storage units cost money. By learning how to properly arrange your possessions, you can subscribe for a smaller space and save money. You could even add more items to your storage unit. Practice proper upkeep to preserve the state of your belongings.

By Lucille