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What Everyone Should Know About Self Storage


Dec 26, 2020

What Everyone Should Know About Self Storage

Self storage is getting increasing popular as people have woken up to the many benefits that it offers. However, creating the right self storage facilities is an exact science that requires a lot of know-how regarding right temperature control, humidity as well as tips on safeguarding against pests. There are different kinds of self storage units depending on one’s requirement. While plastic toys can handle a great range in temperature, electronics cannot. Expensive items like art, vehicles require constant care and maintenance which all self storage warehouses are not equipped to provide.

This article talks about some must-know facts about self storage.

The Art Of Packaging

Even the best self storage will not help if the packing is not done right. Think of six fragile crystal glasses loosely sitting in a large carton. The best warehouse, security and temperature control cannot check their breaking. The truth is that good storing begins with good packing material, right size cartons and safe securing. If you do not have the right kind of packing material, buy it or outsource the task completely to experts that know how to do it.

Temperature Control

Most items cannot withstand extreme temperature and humidity. Clothes fade, furniture rusts and electronics get spoiled. It is very important to have climate controlled units to store things that are sensitive to temperature changes. Self storage units that provide temperature control are more expensive but worth the extra cost. If you are still in doubt, think of the damages that you could incur by opting for a cheaper unit. The money that you would save in a cheaper unit would get used in replacing damaged goods.


The reason why we put things in self storage is because we are not using them or using them infrequently. Most people just dump things in storage without realizing that the cost of storing could well exceed the cost of the stored items in the long run. For those that use their backyard, basement or attic, for storage, it is still not free. Premium real estate usually costs more than renting a third party warehouse. At the end of the day, it is space that could have been put to other better use.

Before you commit anything to storage, it is important to check if it is better to give it away, repurchase or rent it later. Also most service providers are open to negotiating a discount especially if the storing period is long.

Apart from the above, there are various others tips, tricks and ways to create self storage within one’s home without compromising on space. There are many websites dedicated to providing such information. These sites allow users to blog, exchange information, and post questions. Becoming a part of such a user group allows a person access to information that they would take years to learn on their own.

By Lucille